Adjudication Committee Decisions

The Adjudication Committee is the judicial arm of the Union. Autonomous from both the Executive Committee and the Council, the Adjudication Commmittee has the powers to interpret the Union Constitution and Regulations, resolve any disputes between any Union entities and any Union members or between Union entities.

For each dispute, the Adjudication Committee will form an Adjudication Panel, consisting of an odd number of members with no less than 5 members, to adjudicate on the dispute. The Adjudication Panel's decision is binding on all Union entities and members.

Decision name / citation Decision date Download Short summary
Constitution Reference Case No. 1 / [2014] NUSSU AC 1 17 Jan 2014


A case to clarify the powers of the different Union entities, the scope of the Adjudication Committee's powers and the constitutionality of a provision in the Finance Regulations.

Re Yale-NUS College Students / [2014] NUSSU AC 2 17 Feb 2014


By a 5-2 majority, the Adjudication Panel held that Yale-NUS College students are not NUSSU members because they are not enrolled into a faculty of the University.